Health and wellness spending account wisdom

Benefits of the Aya prepaid Mastercard®

Giving employees an Aya prepaid Mastercard® to use for all of their health spending account and wellness spending account expenses provides them with many benefits. We will outline some of the substantial benefits below. The biggest benefit that you are provide your employees by giving them an Aya prepaid Mastercard® is that you allowing them to take care of their health and wellness without worrying about finances.

Never pay out-of-pocket

Many employees avoid trips to the dentist or to the optometrist even when they have group benefit plans and the simple reason is they do not want to or are unable to pay for the expense out-of-pocket. With the Aya prepaid Mastercard® an employee never has to worry about using their own money to pay for any of their health or wellness related expenses.

Easy to use

The Aya prepaid Mastercard® can be used at any health or wellness merchant. You swipe the card to pay for your expenses, take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the Aya app or within the Aya website and you are finished. No paperwork to fill out, no forms to submit and no waiting to be reimbursed. In addition to that the Aya prepaid Mastercard® can be used anywhere in the world to cover your health and wellness related expenses.

When looking to add a health or wellness spending account consider going with Aya prepaid Mastercard®, your employees will thank you and you will thank yourself. You will have a happy and healthy workforce.

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